Improving Business Strategies in the International Petrochemical Industry

Develop strategic responses to emerging refining trends and petrochemical options

Attend this three-day interactive development programme to:

  • Optimise the integration of refinery and petrochemicals to improve the business performance and bottom line results
  • Understand the key drivers of the global industry to develop robust business strategies for established and emerging markets
  • Upgrade applications and optimise your portfolio to respond to changing supply and demand patterns
  • Improve the route to markets and increase the efficiency of logistics and marketing by segmenting your customers
  • Learn how to integrate bio-renewables into your supply chain to increase the value reputation of your products
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Participate in our interactive PESTLE Workshop to identify the strengths and weakness of your business strategies.


What is the programme about?

Increasing consumption by end-user industries such as packaging, transportation, plastics and healthcare is boosting production. With the introduction of new technologies and the access to alternative resources the depth and type of collaboration across the entire is changing. Consequently, the industry is now under pressures to maximise the discovery, recovery, refining, and uses of fossil fuels and their derivatives. 

Delegates of this comprehensive three-day training programme will engage in highly interactive workshop sessions to identify strength and weaknesses of their current business operations. Based on these insights, alternative solutions and strategic approaches to increase and add new value to the products and services will be developed and reviewed.



Oil and gas professionals who require an advanced understanding of current and emerging best practices of integrating and improving business strategies in the petrochemical industry:

  • General Managers

  • Business Development Managers

  • Commercial Managers

  • Sales and Marketing Managers

  • Strategy Advisors

  • Commodities Specialists

  • Project Managers

  • New Business Coordinators

  • Trade Consultants

  • Commercial Negotiator

  • M&A Manager

  • Market Intelligence Specialists

  • Business Performance Analyst

  • Economists

Also relevant to team members with or in a project team that is working within this area to offer relevant  and educated support.



Overview of Feedstocks, Processes and Derivatives

  • Supply chains

  • Main processes

  • Intermediates

  • Main derivatives

Refinery and Petrochemicals Integration

  • Refining trends / changing

  • Crude slate

  • Fuel Markets

  • Regulation

  • Petrochemical options

  • Optimisation / Drivers

  • Alternative Product and co-product disposition

Interactive session: Refinery & petrochemical integration
Delegates will engage in interactive SSWOT analysis to identify risks and opportunities and develop efficient integration strategies

Olefins Production

  • Steam cracking
  • Refinery units
  • Other processes
  • Methanol to Olefins

Aromatics Production

  • Refinery units

  • Steam cracking

  • Dealkylation, transalkylation etc.

  • Coke ovens

Natural Gas, Hydrogen and Key Derivatives

  • Natural Gas production

  • Hydrogen, Methanol & Ammonia

  • Ammonia and derivatives

  • Methanol and derivatives

  • Hydrogen summary

Interactive session:  Gas & petrochemical integration 
Based on an in-depth analysis and comparison, delegates will evaluate the processes of a successful gas and petrochemical integration.

Benzene, Key Derivative Styrene and Other Benzene Derivatives

  • Benzene Production

  • Styrene Production

  • Polystyrene, styrenics & SB latex

  • Phenol & derivatives – Polycarbonate

  • Polyamides



Ethylene and Key Derivative Polyethylene

  • Ethylene Production, Feedstock Options and Economics

  • Ethylene Market

  • Polyethylene

Other Ethylene Derivatives

  • EDC – VCM – PVC

  • EO – EG and derivatives

  • Alpha-olefins and derivatives

Propylene and Key Derivative Polypropylene

  • Propylene  Production, Feedstock Options and Economics

  • Propylene  Market

  • Polypropylene

Interactive session: Petro-Based Supply Chain
Delegates will review the Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental, and Legal factors and their impact on the supply chain and business performance

Propylene and Key Derivative Polypropylene

  • Propylene  Production, Feedstock Options and Economics

  • Propylene  Market

  • Polypropylene

Other Propylene Derivatives

  • ACN

  • Acrylic acid and derivatives

  • Oxo-alcohols and derivatives

  • PO – PG and derivatives, etc.

Para-Xylene and Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)

  • P-X supply chain

  • PTA (& EG)

  • PET market update

Interactive session:  The future of the Oil price: $200 or $50/Barrel
Delegates will engage in an interactive review of different oil price-based scenarios to simulate and discuss the consequences.

Butadiene, C4 Olefins and Butanes, MAN, PAN and derivatives

  • Sources of Butadiene and C4 Olefins

  • Butadiene and C4 Olefin Derivatives

  • Maleic Anhydride (MAN) and derivatives

  • Phthalic Anhydride (PAN) and derivatives



Other intermediates and derivatives

  • 1,4-Butane diol (BDO) and derivatives

  • Toluene and derivatives – TDI and polyurethanes

  • MDI and polyurethanes

  • Coating intermediates

Interactive session: Future headlines
In this workshop, delegates will discuss potential developments in the Petrochemical industry and evaluate their likeliness.

Bio-based supply chain integration

  • Overview of and drivers

  • Main Feedstocks and Processes for Intermediates

  • Conversion of Intermediates to selected Biochemicals

Value & reputation of chemicals

  • Reputation management strategies

  • Public opinions

  • Developing an active agenda

Markets, logistics & marketing

  • Regional markets

  • Supply logistics

  • Marketing

Interactive session: Growth projections
Based on past and current supply and demand patterns, delegates will evaluate the regional and product-specific growth potential in the Petrochemical industry

Supply and Demand

  • Main drivers for demand

  • Main drivers for supply

  • Growing imbalances


  • Objectives and Constraints

  • Formulating Strategy



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