Introduction to Shale Oil and Gas

Understand the technical and commercial features, and challenges of working with unconventional resources

Understand the technical and commercial features, and challenges of working with unconventional resources:

  • Examine the resource potential and economic importance of shale gas and shale oil
  • Review different reserve types and how to estimate them
  • Evaluate new technologies and drilling techniques and how they enable fracking
  • Understand shale play concepts across the globe critical reservoir properties to identify the ‘sweet spots’
  • Appreciate the risks associated with innovative and deviated micro-drilling well construction technology to shale gas and shale oil formations
  • Explore the environmental and health issues that impact profitability
  • Analyse individual well and reservoir performance
  • Learn the key challenges through a case study based on a real life scenarios

What is the programme about?

Hydraulic fracturing (or fracking) used to extract shale oil and gas is one of the most controversial, polluting and dangerous processes used today in the oil and gas industry. The environmental implications and global public opinion have had a big impact on the speed of growth of using this technology in new
projects. However the significant impact the use of this technique has had on the US economy re-enforces the growing role it plays in exploration and production. As current technical and regulatory hurdles recede, the need to understand the evaluation and development process against that of conventional sources is
increasingly important.
This focused two-day programme has been designed to deliver the essential knowledge and understanding to enable you to support, guide value, forecast and work with those activities.


Oil and gas professionals who require a thorough overview of current and emerging best practice technologies and processes related to shale gas and shale oil resource development:

  • E&P Managers, Project Managers, Project Engineers, Project Sponsors
  • Commercial and Contracts Managers
  • Purchasing and Procurement Managers
  • New Venture Managers
  • Country Manager
  • Reservoir and Production Engineers, Geologists, Economists
  • Financial Institutions

Programme Outline

  • Types of hydrocarbons produced
  • History and development
  • Oil and Gas Processing
  • Unconventional vs. conventional reservoirs
  • Exciting new technology
  • Horizontal drilling to enable ‘fracking’
  • Innovative Coiled and Flexible Tubing Applications
  • Hydraulic fracturing and what it means
  • Reservoir Geology and Mapping Techniques,
  • Hydraulic Fracture Stimulation, Safety, Fluids and Reservoir Performance
  • Reservoirs and pressure gradients
  • Design and operational issues
  • Case study; a success story
  • Ecology, health & safety
  • Return on investment
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