Barry Rodgers

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Barry has been in the oil and gas industry for over 30 years, both in the public and private sectors.  A graduate of Memorial University with concentrations in Economics and Mathematics, Barry became an independent consultant specialising in upstream oil and gas economics analysis and fiscal systems design and evaluation. His objective is to support fiscal system design and implementation, project economics decision-making, negotiations, policy development, and training.

He has developed a comprehensive cash flow evaluation model that has been specifically designed to support economics decision-making, fiscal system design, analysis, and comparison, and economics training.  Barry’s courses provide hands-on practical training with real-world case studies and an impressive set of supporting documentation to provide reference materials for participants after the course is completed.

As a consultant, Barry has completed numerous international assignments, and served a number of international advisory roles including the Russian Ministry of Fuel and Energy, the G7 Finance Ministers, and Mexico’s Department of Finance and PEMEX.  Barry has also served as expert witness on fiscal matters.

Barry is co-producer of World Fiscal Systems for Oil & Gas (WFSOG) - 2011, along with Van Meurs Corporation and PFC Energy.  Comprising six (6) extensive volumes, WFSOG is the world’s largest compendium of inter-jurisdictional and petroleum basin economics analysis and fiscal systems comparison – representing some 155 countries and 500 fiscal systems.