Cassandra M. Martinez-King

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Dr Cassandra M. Martinez-King LLB (Hons) PhD began her career in the Oil and Gas Industry working as a Legal Advisor for the World Bank and then went on to work as in-house legal counsel for AGIP. She then moved into private practice and consultancy working internationally, she specialises in the Middle East and Africa delivering guidance and advise on Production Sharing Contracts; EPC, Concession Agreements and Energy.

She advises host-governments and Members of Parliament and governments’ officials on oil & gas transactions and contracts in new oil producing countries; negotiating and Drafting Oil and Gas Contracts; PSC, EPC and JVs. Also negotiating the terms of, and drafting, Refinery Purchase Agreements for private Refinery project development in West Africa. She has also advised and negotiated on Deregulation of the Gas sector and Establishing of Gas Shippers and Suppliers in newly privatised gas Markets. This invaluable experience enables her to deliver.

Cassandra is also a faculty member, International Energy Policy, Oil & Gas, Business Law, GSM (Plymouth University)/LPSS, London. This experience balanced with her academic work enables her to deliver commercially relevant and interactive training that will ensure you leave the course with new skills and knowledge that will be invaluable in the workplace.