Who we are

Mission Statement
To deliver value through unique and sustainable learning experiences.

Provider of Global Training Solutions
Clarion Training is a provider of global technical and professional development solutions. We provide unique and sustainable learning experiences that develop and empower individuals through behavioral change, enhancing skills and making a positive and measurable impact in the performance of every business.

Meeting Your Training Needs
We recognise that investment in training needs to produce tangible results in terms of growth and development for both the individual and the business. Delivering a learning and development solution that is aligned with business strategy is vital to ensure actual impact on business outcomes. We will work in partnership with you to develop solutions across a single of multiple platforms that will deliver ongoing value.

Improving Performance
Our goal is to provide guidance, skills, knowledge and understanding that will improve performance and support informed and sound business decisions.

Clarion Training is a division of the international conference and exhibitions company, Clarion Events. Clarion organises more than 200 events annually across the globe from 13 offices in 10 countries. Over 700,000 people give their valuable time to visit the events. Many of our conferences are run in partnership with governments across the globe.

Access to the in-depth industry knowledge and experience shared at this broad range of events provides us with a unique platform from which to develop industry specific training rich in context and skills development.