The Power Industry: Commercial, Regulatory and Technical Dynamics

Get to grips with the physical and business concepts and components of the Power Industry to drive high performance

Key reasons to attend this intensive programme:

  • Equip yourself with a broader and detailed knowledge of the Power Industry value chain and its key challenges
  • Review fundamentals  of the electric value chain and how the segments come together to form the power delivery system
  • Analyse different types of electric utilities, how are they organised and how their operations differ worldwide
  • Get to grips with System Operations from a business, operational, and technology/systems point of view
  • Understand how Wholesale Electricity markets are organised worldwide, who the key stakeholders are and how they interact
  • Recognise the imperative for the Smart Grid in modernising the electric grids worldwide including key drivers, dimensions, and technologies
  • Assess how to build a Utility Smart Grid roadmap with its associated business cases and apply this in your own business


What is the programme about?

This interactive 3-day programme delivers a comprehensive understanding of power system fundamentals, utility operations, and grid topics. Empowered with this knowledge, you can identify and seize all the opportunities the industry presents, in the modernisation effort that is sweeping electric grids worldwide.
You will gain valuable insight into utility system and market operations worldwide as well as Smart Grid value propositions. Additionally you will identify opportunities, and deliver strategic solutions/services to your clients in the overall context of the utility power system.
Learning Outcomes
Upon attending this course, you will understand:
  • The laws of physics that govern power systems, the components that comprise the grid infrastructure, and the key operational and business concepts involved
  • The various segments of the electric value chain and how they interconnect to deliver power
  • The types of electric utilities worldwide, their anatomy, regulatory structure, and operations
  • Key utility system operations worldwide, differences at the transmission and distribution level, and operational systems involved
  • Key wholesale market operations worldwide and impact of regulatory mandates
  • The challenges facing the current power grid and the imperative for the Smart Grid
  • The various Smart Grid technologies and their impact along the entire electric value chain
  • How utility business models are evolving worldwide and opportunities for diversification
  • Roadmap and value propositions of Smart Grid via real-world project case studies and lessons learnt


  • Utility personnel at all levels as a good introductory course for people who are new to interacting with the power system
  • Managers and Personnel from IPPs and Large Power Users
  • Vendors who wish to gain a clear understanding of where and how their product can benefit the clients



Power Industry Fundamentals

  • Key power system physical concepts explained
  • Power system components


Key Business Concepts Explained
  • Control area or balancing authority areas: definition, analogy
  • Utility interconnected system
  • Generation capacity
  • Unit commitment
  • Transmission capacity, transfer capability
  • Transmission line limits
  • Calculation of transfer capability
  • Methods to improve transfer capability
  • Renewable energy zones

Electric Value Chain
  • Generation
  • Transmission
  • Sub-Transmission
  • Distribution
  • Customer
  • Physical components-what they look like


Introduction to Electric Utilities
  • Definition
  • Types of electric utilities and variations worldwide
  • Electric utility regulation
  • Utility rate making process
  • Anatomy of a utility and variations worldwide
  • Utility operations


System Operations
  • Definition and key drivers
  • Differences between transmission and distribution system operations
  • Differences in system operations around the world
  • Business of system operations
  • Key aspects of system operations
  • Monitor and execute Real-Time Operations
  • Manage planned events
  • Manage unplanned events
  • Coordinate emergency response
  • Plan daily operations
  • Perform system analysis
  • Report operational performance
  • Control centre and system operator
  • Transmission control centre
  • Distribution control centre
  • Key Operational Systems - SCADA, EMS, GIS, OMS, DMS
  • Introduction to transmission & distribution automation
  • Integration of operational systems
  • System operator training simulators



Deregulation and Market Operations

  • Impact of Deregulation on System Operations
  • Key Market Participants and their Activities
  • Key Market Operations Worldwide
  • Wholesale Electricity Markets
  • Energy Market
  • Ancillary Services Market
  • Capacity Market
  • Financial Transmission Rights (FTR) Market
  • RTOs/ISOs in North America
  • Wholesale electricity markets around the world
  • Impact of mandates on market operations worldwide

Current State of the Grid

  • Key statistics of the grid
  • Electric losses along the value chain
  • Economics of grid infrastructure
  • Utilisation of current grid Infrastructure
  • Variations of the electric grid around the world
  • Summary of the electric industry



Overview of Smart Grid

  • Smart grid and its key characteristics  
  • Key dimensions & drivers of smart grid
  • Key smart grid drivers
  • Top smart grid benefits with a focus on impact around the world
    • Faster storm recovery
    • Reduced utility costs
    • Increased customer
    • Engagement
    • Breakdown of utility silos
  • Example of smart grid cost-benefit analysis
  • Top utility executive concerns around the world
  • Global smart grid adoption
    • North America
    • Asia-Pacific
    • Europe, Latin-America, Africa
  • Major smart grid projects worldwide
  • Mega-trends in the power industry
  • Smart Grid Architecture
  • Key Players and Areas of Focus
Evolution of System and Market Operations
  • Impact of smart grid on system and market operations
  • Penetration of distributed generation and energy storage
  • Advent of electric transportation
  • Introduction of microgrids
  • Demand response, energy efficiency programmes and Smart Appliances of big data from PMUs, IEDs, and Smart Meters
  • Evolution of system operations around the World
  • Centralised vs. Distributed operations
  • Wide-area monitoring, protection, and control system
  • Advanced outage management system
  • Advanced distribution Automation and DMS
  • Distributed energy management system
  • Evolution of global market operations
  • New market resources; Large-scale renewables tied to the Grid; distributed energy; Energy storage; Demand response
  • Market play of new resources in Wholesale Electricity Markets


CASE STUDY: Utility Transformation, Smart Grid Roadmap & Value Propositions
  • Utility transformation
  • Smart grid implementation
  • Core technologies along the utility value chain
  • Technology show-cases
  • Roadmap-Waves picture and major utilities milestones
  • Major utility project show cases & value propositions
  • Getting started with a smart grid roadmap - Next steps for you


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